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About Auctions – A Consumer Help Guide

What is it that makes live auctions so addictive?

Why do people come once and then keep coming back?

Why should you join them?









From your first call to our office we will get to know a little about you and your current needs, and answer as many of your questions as possible. During this conversation, the auctioneer will usually set up an appointment to come to your location and take a look around and help you determine whether or not the Auction method is right for you. We do not charge a consultation fee and will answer all of your questions at this time.



Once you and the auctioneer determine that your personal and or real property is a good candidate for Auction, a contract is signed by you and the auctioneer, and a date for your auction is usually set at this time. An appointment is made to photograph and list your items and to either pick up your items ( if they are headed for the auction house ) or a time when the auction crew will come to you and set up for your auction. Our office team will get to work on advertising for your auction within a few days of booking your auction.



Every auction has a preview day, the day before the auction. Your items have been carefully displayed in order to give the auction customers an opportunity to preview the items to be sold at auction. This preview time is invaluable to you as the client and to our auction customers to produce a successful auction experience for everyone. Auction day is Fun, Fast, and Exciting. Let the bidding begin, everything is SOLD to the highest bidder and your items are GONE and paid for by the end of the day. After the auction our accounting department will settle the sale and your check along with a complete accounting of your items and what they sold for, expenses, and commission is sent out to you the client no later than 10 days after the auction. Often our staff is faster than 10 days.

What is it that makes live auctions so addictive?

Why do people come once and then keep coming back?

Why should you join them?

why you should come to auctions


Whether you come to look at the goods, bid, or just watch the action, there’s nothing quite like a live auction. Maybe it’s the buzz of electricity generated by a combination of

competition and the thrill of the hunt. Or the awe-inspiring auctioneer’s chant that always seems to amaze kids and adults alike. Regardless of the reason, people just always seem to enjoy themselves.


Sure, there are the fabled tales like the man who bid $10 for a dresser and found an original copy of the Declaration of Independence inside. But it’s the everyday values that are the real story behind auctions popularity. Whether you’re looking for your next  antique or the house to put it in, there’s no place like a live auction to get a great deal.


Some people go searching for them. Others stumble upon them while looking for something else. But either way, it’s safe to say there are thousands upon thousands of one-of- a-kind items at auctions. Its stuff you won’t ever find in some suburban

strip mall,never knew you wanted, and suddenly can’t live without. So, now you know why you should check out an auction near you, once you’ve found a live auction, make sure you’re familiar with some of the terms you might hear there, and learn how to buy and sell like you’ve been doing it for years.

urgency is created

When the advertising campaign for your property commences buyers will know immediately that you are committed to selling.  This will let buyers understand that they must buy your property or risk not having a chance to purchase it later on. Qualified buyers will be forced to compete openly and aggressively to obtain your property.  Many times this creates such an urgency to purchase your property it is more likely buyers will pre-submit bids that may result in a sale of your property before the auction even takes place.

Auctions draw attention.

Our professional proprietary marketing system creates a worldwide marketing campaign for your property.  Exposure is improved far more extensive when compared to conventional listing efforts.  Our program reaches thousands of qualified prospects not only in your property’s area, but also additional bidders worldwide.


Estate Sales



No matter how BIG or SMALL of an estate that you are faced with liquidating; we can help!

We work with executors/personal representatives every day, and know the necessary steps that it takes to successfully and profitably liquidate any size estate. We have one of the finest marketing campaigns in Southern Oregon. We have profitably liquidated some of the largest and most complicated estates with precision, exceptional customer service while adhering to the necessary time table. Marketing and liquidating any estate is an overwhelming task for most. We are the Experts in our field! We come with outstanding references, from our clients and their estate attorneys.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We are a licensed Auto Dealer, Licensed Real Estate Brokers, and Licensed Firearms Dealers and are able to provide you with appraisals if needed. We will provide you with as much or as little service as YOU need.
We are a conscientious
and experienced auction/liquidation team that knows exactly the best way
to market and sell your
estate to achieve the best possible results. At one
of the most difficult times in our client’s lives; Results are What Matters Most!

We understand how

difficult this responsibility

is for our clients and

we are patient, kind and professional while always keeping your best

interest as our top priority.



Fundraising with Benefit Auctions

Live and Silent auction combinations remain one of the most productive ways to raise funds for your favorite charity or non profit.

The right auction staff can not only significantly increase the revenue earned for your event, but the right Auctioneer has the ability to keep the atmosphere upbeat and electric with excitement & encourage giving through positive communication with your guests!

Our auction staff does several Benefit Auctions a year and we are up to date on the  best practices for your event. Whether you need only the auctioneer or a small or large team of professionals, Rogue Oregon Auctioneers has a dedicated staff ready for you. 

Don’t leave your auction team to chance. Call the professionals at Rogue Oregon Auctioneers. - Has the experience and all of the necessary equipment to assist your event coordinator to ensure a successful and profitable event.



Our Personal Property appraisal fee is $175.00 an hour with a $500 minimum. Your appraisal report will be sent to you, and any other parties you wish according to your instructions. There will be a $50 charge for extra copies. 


If you need a valuation of your property during estate planning, estate settlements, divorce negotiation, tax purposes or donation purposes, we prepare knowledgeable and professional appraisals that are specific for your needs. 

An Appraisal...

Documents the existence, condition, approximate age and replacement value of your belongings. We will examine, photograph and document the condition, age and current market value of your assets, and proceed to prepare your appraisal.

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