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Auction Method of Real Estate


Selling Your Home? 

Auctions are the quickest way to convert assets into immediate cash.


  • You select the day you want to sell.

  • You have final approval on the sale amount.

  • Interested buyers (not Looky Loos) are prepared to buy your property.

  • Property is sold with no-contingencies.


  • High Impact, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Buyers come to you instead of you waiting on the market

  • Receive true market value for your property

  • Opportunity to bargain

  • Property information package

  • You determine purchase price

  • Fair competition

  • No negotiation period

  • You know the purchasing and closing date

So why do an auction to sell your Home?

The seller gets to determine the date and time which the property will be sold. Using the auction method, property can typically be marketed and sold within a four to six week time frame.

A timely auction allows the seller to drastically reduce holding costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.

An auction environment arouses the competitive spirit among the prospective bidders.

Setting a specific date and time of sale creates a sense of urgency and forces the prospective buyers to a point of decision.

The seller can set the terms of the auction, thereby avoiding lengthy negotiations of price and terms.

An advertising program is tailored to the seller’s property which will attract the largest number of potential buyers. This insures a true “market value” price for the property on the day of the auction.

There is no ceiling price set on the property, which allows the price to increase freely with no limit.

Historically, when the market is on the upswing, public auctions have established the highest prices. When the market is declining, an auction captures the current market price before values drop.

The competitive bidding format creates confidence among the buyers when they see other people willing to pay a similar amount for the property.

Many people want to know why they should buy or sell their

home at auction-

Auctions – the age-old method of selling property to the highest bidder – are now taking the real estate industry by storm, and the number of real estate auctions being held around the country is skyrocketing.

Properties are strongly advertised for maximum exposure. Auctions are professionally managed by experience and highly trained staff. Sellers have the final say in accepting any final bid offer. Residential property has been selling on average of 10% to 20% above tax assessed value.

Auctions are the quickest way to convert assets into immediate cash.

Using the “Auction Alternative“ for selling real estate is quite successful, and advantageous to both buyer and seller.”

For the seller, my auction marketing method ensures a well-advertised and professionally managed auction. Sellers need not accept a low offer for fear they won?t be getting a better one later. Residential property sold at auction has been selling for an average of 10% to 20% above the tax assessed value.

The auction marketing method gives the buyer the opportunity to go just one bid higher than someone else is willing to pay. It is also the quickest way to convert your assets into immediate cash. I am proud of my proven track record, and the fact that I offer you both a wealth of experience and good faith.

Auctions vs. Traditional Sales:

Focus is on your property alone vs. Property one of many being advertised and shown.


Results in offers in 60-90 days or less vs May remain on market for months or years.


Buyers act on your schedule vs. Little motivation for buyers; you wait for them.


Auction provides catalyst to promote buyer interest vs. Price reduction encouraged to create buyer interest in activity.


Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price of the property vs. Seller risks overpricing, and thus seeing little interest, or under pricing and selling for less than the property is worth.


All conditions of sale set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations vs. Seller must negotiate all aspects of sale.

Property sold without contingencies vs. Contingencies are common.


All offers are presented to the seller before and during the auction vs. Few offers are received, multiple offers at one time are rare.

Brokerage Sale Comparison

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