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Location: All online

One Persons 50 Year Collection

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Online Bidding:

Checkout our catalog through Proxibid

and register today! Pre Bidding will start on September 8th and Close on September 10th. Make sure to stay Tuned for additional items, we will be adding more and more up until the bidding begins. Have fun and BID!


Register and Bid, Most of these items will sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price. There are only two reserves and we will make that known when we list the items. If you are a successful bidder  your payment information that you provide will be charged after the Auction has closed. A 15% Premium will be added on to your purchase so keep that in mind as you bid.  If you are local to the area please e-mail us at to arrange pick up of your items, otherwise shipment will be arranged through one of our local shippers. Depending on the size of shipment, special arrangements may have to be made by you the buyer.   

Dancing Legs



For Specific Questions


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